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The world's first software to farm trusted Facebook accounts

Get up to 1,500 trusted accounts to run ads per month on a full automatic basis with Socrobotic FB AI System

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7 days - free of charge

A software for those who need a huge number of Facebook accounts.
What will the Socrobotic FB AI System give you?

If in constant search of new Facebook accounts to cast ads

If you want to join our account shop and earn a passive income from sales

If you want to make money selling accounts through your sites

The system can be used to spam and и make $500 or more on a full liability basis

How does spam work and how much money does it make?

A demonstration of how a farm bot works:

Full service overview

Explaining the nuances of the Facebook bot and how it all works

We're arbitrageurs too and we use our own service. Check out the bot that farms our accounts online -

What are you saving on?

Pharm department
Anti-detection - browsers
Buying trust accounts

A message from the creator of the Socrobotic FB AI System

We are arbitrageurs ourselves and we know how much time and money it takes to farm and buy Facebook accounts. We have been doing this for three years. Farmed by hand, asked to sell accounts of friends, bought them on dubious sites, changed and spent the most valuable resource in our lives - TIME.

Constantly banned, paid for anti-detection browsers and pharma departments. We are well aware that this routine work can take out even the most mentally stable people. Buying accounts is a cat in a poke, and good quality aces aren't cheap. Farming works, yes, but it's TIME.

We somehow got the idea in our heads...

Denis Makarov

Founder and developer


Is it possible to automate the process of creating trust accounts? This one wasn't some kind of insight, but rather an idea that no one had staked on.

Something like:

  • Why don't we make a program that registers 100% trust accounts for us?
  • Well, we can try it, but I think it's utopia))))
  • Probably, but let's give it a try.

And now imagine our genuine surprise and childlike joy on our faces when it WORKED. And now you can share with us the joy of automating the process of farming Facebook accounts.

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What else do we do?

Selling FB accounts

Sell Facebook accounts, ready to run ads. Account countries: Russia, Ukraine, India, Bangladesh, UAE, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, USA, Argentina, Belarus, China, Germany, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Poland.

Accounts FB ZRD + FP + BM + Token EAAB from 300 rubles
Accounts FB + FP + BM + Token EAAB (personal) + EAAG (BM) from 222 rubles

Buy accounts

Buy accounts through the bot @SocroboticStoreBot

Creating bespoke software

Set us a task and we'll implement any functionality, any bot that automates your work and simplifies all your routine tasks.

Creation of custom software from 500 000 rubles

How much does account farming software cost?

Forget manual farming and buying accounts once and for all.

Socrobotic FB AI System

Software for auto-registration, farming, RDA in the social network Facebook

Buy it

22 000 Rubles

Socrobotic FB AI System updates

Payment for Socrobotic FB AI System updates

Buy it at

4,050 RUB/month

Go to the demo cabinet to see how it all works

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Get a personal conveyor belt of quality Facebook accounts

Performance and money-back guarantee
Caring tech support to help on any issue
Over 800+ satisfied users in our chat room

Get a personal conveyor belt for producing quality Facebook accounts


It all depends on your hardware and server. You can even do 1,000 accounts per day, we have clients like this
Yes, a subscription is compulsory.


  1. SMS service, the cost of sms depends on geo
  2. Anticaptcha service
  3. Mobile proxy, one port costs from 1500-5000 p., one port generates about 1000 ip. a day.
  4. One server for admin panel ~ $10.
  5. One server under the zenoposter, prices vary depending on capacity ~$100
  6. Zenoposter software pro version ~ 150$
Accounts start farming on the second day
Yes, there is such a possibility

A quick tutorial on how to connect a bot in Telegram:

  1. Go to @BotFather
  2. Create your bot /newbot
  3. Get token from your bot
  4. Go to @getmyid_bot
  5. Press /start
  6. Get your ID
  7. Enter bot token and ID in admin panel